Emulex LP1050Ex-E HBA Single Port 2Gb/s Fibre Channel PCI-E

Product Conditie Refurbished hardware, gebruikt en getest
Model LightPulse
Part Number LP1050EX-E
Product ID 8974

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Emulex LP1050Ex-E HBA Single Port 2Gb/s Fibre Channel

The Emulex family of LP10000/1050 Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters (HBAs) offers highly integrated 2Gb/s Fibre Channel connectivity solutions for both enterprise and midrange - class storage area networks (SANs).


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Product Conditie Refurbished hardware, gebruikt en getest
Model LightPulse
Part Number LP1050EX-E
Full profile / Low Profile Full profile
Card Interface PCI-E
Network Poorten 1x
Network Snelheid 2G
Netwerk Type HBA
Card Interface PCI-E


The LP1050Ex HBAs deliver state of the art performance through the use of Thor, Emulex's sixth generation Fibre Channel controller and is available in a single - channel standard height, half - length card form factor.
The PCIe architecture is an open specification designed to address the wide range of current and future system interconnect requirements of multiple market segments in the computing and communications industries. It also defines a flexible, scalable, high - speed, serial, point - to - point, hot pluggable/hot swappable interconnect that is software - compatible with PCI.The PCIe architecture allows the LP1050Ex to use the same drivers and management tools as the Emulex LP10000 family of Fibre Channel HBAs for PCI and PCI-X, and PCIe systems.

Emulex's unique Service Level Interface (SLI) driver architecture, which enables the independence of the operating systems device driver from the underlying HBA platform, will allow OEMs and end users to migrate to this new system architecture seamlessly (without having to change or rewrite drivers utilities and other management tools) Emulex's firmware - based architecture, which allows for new features and other upgrades without costly changes to the adapter hardware, provides the kind of technical flexibility and investment protection that is critical when working with new and evolving technology.

The Emulex LP1050Ex HBA will leverage Emulex's centralized HBA management suite, HBAnyware. HBAnyware is driver - based technology that enables discovery and complete management of HBAs within the SAN, reducing total cost of ownership and planned downtime while enabling sophisticated management 

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