Dell 19" Server Rack 4210 42U

Product Conditie Refurbished hardware, gebruikt en getest
Model 4210
Dell part nr. 8P157, 08P157, GJ575, 0GJ575, MJ343, 0MJ343, MJ345, 0MJ345, MJ346, 0MJ346, BWCFC91
Product ID 5424

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Stock Prijs
  • [] + 299,00
Stock Prijs
  • 1
    x None
  • x Dell 19" Server Rack 4210 42U Sidepanel for one side
    The panel can be used on the left or right side of the serverrack.
    The panel lock uses the same key as the standard door lock.
    If you want to close both sides of the rack, you need to order 2 sidepanels.
    [] 99,95
Stock Prijs
Stock Prijs
  • [] + 295,00
  • [] + 399,00
Stock Prijs
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    x None
Power Outlets

Stock Prijs
  • (1)
  • (5)
  • (1)
  • (148)
  • (54)
  • (30)
  • (17)
  • (18)
  • (3)
  • (1)
  • (18)
  • (10)
  • (42)
  • x APC AP8953 Switched Rack PDU 2G, Switched,
      ZeroU, 32A, 230V, (21) C13 & (3) C19
    [42 ] 499,00
  • x APC AP7723 ATS, Switched, 1U, 16A/230V, In: (2)C20, Out: (8)C13 & (1)C19
    Not included: Utility CD-ROM, User guide, Rack ears, Power cable, 9-points serial to RJ12
    [10 ] 395,00
  • x HP AF510A Metered PDU S1132
    In: 20A, 230V
    Out: (32)C13 & (3)C19, 230V
    P/N: 373807-001, 407451-002
    [18 ] 99,00
  • x APC AP7868 Metered Rack PDU ZeroU
    In: (1x) CS8365, 35A, 230V
    Out: (30)C13, (6)C19, 35A/230V
    P/N: AP7868
    [] 585,00
  • x APC AP7951 Switched Rack PDU, ZeroU 16A/230V,
    Out: (21)C13 & (3)C19
    P/N: AP7951
    [] 99,00
  • x HP EO4504 Modular PDU Control Unit
    In: (1)C20, 16A, 230V
    Out: (2)C19, 230V
    P/N: 228481-006, 303264-001, 417583-001
    [18 ] 29,00
  • x HP EO4502 Rack Series Modular PDU Control Unit
    In: 32A, 230V
    Out: (4)C19, 12A
    P/N: 228481-003, 366474-001, 366475-001, 366476-001, 457289-002, 303264-001, 228481-006, 417581-B31
    [17 ] 49,00
  • x HP AF500A, HSTNR-PS02 PDU Extension Bar
    Out: (7)C13 info
    P/N: 411273-001
    [30 ] 29,95
  • x HP HSTNR-PS03 Modular PDU Extension Bar,
    In: (1)C20, Out: (7)C13
    P/N: 411273-002, 417585-001
    [54 ] 19,95
  • x HP Modular PDU Extension Bar EO4601, 8 port
    P/N: 228480-002, 252638-001
    [148 ] 11,95
  • x Spectrum Power Zero U PDU 8-port
    In: (1x) C20, 24A, 230V
    Out: (8x) C13, 24A, 230V
    P/N: 72A-132BAHEN-03
    [] 29,00
  • x Avocent SPC1620 2U Rack mountable PDU
    In: 32A, 230V
    Out: (16x) C13, 230V
    P/N: SPC1620, SPC1620H-2
    [] 175,00
  • x New Avocent ATP3230 Cyclades PM PM10i-32A 1U Rack PDU
    Input: 230V
    Output: (10x) C13, (1x) IP44, 230V
    P/N: 520-644-503
    [] 195,00
Stock Prijs
  • x Box of 50 M6 (M6 x 16mm) captive cage nut, bolt & washer to mount rack fillers, switches, etc. info
    Box contains 50 pieces of each
    P/N: JCN-001-50 (APC P/N: AR8005, AR8100, AR8400)
    [11 ] 14,95

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Prijs huidige configuratie: Excl. BTW: € 0,00 Incl. BTW: € 0,00

Extra informatie

Minimale afname 1 Garantie Dit product wordt geleverd met standaard garantie
Product Conditie Refurbished hardware, gebruikt en getest
Model 4210
Dell part nr. 8P157, 08P157, GJ575, 0GJ575, MJ343, 0MJ343, MJ345, 0MJ345, MJ346, 0MJ346, BWCFC91
Hoogte 42U (+/- 200 cm)
Breedte 60 cm
Diepte 100 cm



Solid, Secure Construction

Space efficient and durable with a fully-welded frame, the PowerEdgeTM  Rack 2410 features:
  • Locking doors and side panels to help prevent unauthorized access to your equipment

Efficient Cooling

The PowerEdge Rack 2410 features passive cooling capabilities with ventilated front and rear doors that help to optimize airflow throughout the enclosure. In certain applications, this can lower the demand on cooling fans.

Simplified Cable Management

To avoid wasting valuable U space, the 2410 allows you to place power distribution units (PDUs) in the side of the rack.
Cable management is further simplified with:
  • Rack-top cable exits
  • Solid-metal cabling clips in the rear of the cabinet to help keep cables organized and out of the way.
  • Removable side panels

High Density Option

An optional High-Density 2410 Rack System accommodates the needs of high-density environments without increasing the amount of floor space the server rack requires. With additional cable exits at the rear of the rack, the Dell High-Density 2410 Rack System better accommodates power and cable intense environments.

Features and benefits:
  • Additional cable exits at the rear of the rack
  • Removable cable exit panels at the top of the rear rack doors
  • Conserves datacenter floor space by not occupying additional space for a wider or deeper rack

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