Astaro Security Gateway 320, Firewall, Model: ASG320

Model ASG320
Form Factor 1U - 19" Rackmodel
Product ID 8359

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The Astaro Security Gateway 320 is designed to provide protection for mid-sized businesses and enterprise divisions. Based on high quality Intel-compatible server systems equipped with gigabit-speed network ports, it provides high flexibility and throughput at an excellent price-performance ratio. This section details the security applications available, technical information and deployment scenarios.

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Astaro Security Gateway 320, Firewall, Model: ASG320

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  • Model: ASG320
  • Astaro Security Gateway 320

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  • x NHR SFP Transceiver
    Speed: 1 Gbps
    Wave Lenght: 850nm (SW)
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  • x New Cisco SFP Transceiver
    Speed: 1 Gbps
    Wave lenght: 1310nm, 1490nm (LW)
    P/N: GLC-BX-U= , 10-2094-01
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  • x New UTP Cable, CAT6, 3m, Red
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Prijs huidige configuratie: Excl. BTW: € 0,00 Incl. BTW: € 0,00

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Brand Astaro
Model ASG320
Form Factor 1U - 19" Rackmodel
Hoogte 4,4cm
Breedte 43,0cm
Diepte 38,0cm
Netwerk Type NIC


Astaro Network Security

Astaro Network Security includes fully integrated features such as a configurable firewall paired with an Intrusion Protection system, Denial of Service, lots of traffic forwarding and NAT tools and much more. Take a deeper look at the extensive range of features provided by this security application.

Astaro Mail Security

Astaro Mail Security ensures that the abuse which email is subjected to, such as spam, viruses and privacy issues, do not affect your daily business routines. Through this application, real messages are properly delivered and employees can find what they need without being exposed to damaging content. Take a deeper look at the extensive range of features provided by this security application.

Astaro Web Security

Astaro Web Security protects employees from threats and allows you to apply terms and conditions to where and how they can spend their time online. Spyware and viruses are stopped before they can enter the network and cause damage. Everything is tracked and arranged in detailed reports which show how effective your policy is so adjustments can be made.

Astaro Web Application Security

Astaro Web Application Security hardens your web servers using Reverse Proxy technology to protect them from modern attacks and data loss. With it, you can securely offer applications like Outlook Web Access (OWA) and guard against techniques like SQL Injection and Cross Site Scripting (XSS). Stop hackers from using these types of attacks to gain access to sensitive information like credit card data, personal information, and social security numbers. Astaro Web Application Security aids you in compliance efforts where a web application firewall is required, such as PCI-DSS.

Astaro Wireless Security

Although every organization would benefit from wireless networking, existing solutions either lack important functionality or are too expensive and difficult to manage. Astaro Wireless Security is a new approach that dramatically simplifies the operation of secure and reliable wireless networks. With Astaro Security Gateway's built-in wireless controller, our access points are cost-effective and require no manual configuration, redefining wireless networking for small and medium businesses.

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